Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Welcome to my group of essays.

In 1997 I when I first went on the internet, the ISP I had allowed some space for a web page, so I started one.  It remained a work in progress.  I had this for about 5 or 6 years, but did not update it for some time.  When I changed ISPs I lost the ability to update that site,  I thought that did not matter I will start a new one.  So I started preparing more essays to go go on a new site.  Unfortunately my hard drive crashed and i lost all that I had prepared.  So i gave up on my web site idea.

At the beginning of this month (July 2013) I revived an email from an acquaintance who had stumbled upon an archived version of my original web site.  I was able to retrieve what I had produced but because it is an archive site I am not able to ad to it.  I found that ther is now free blog sites that we can use to publish information, so I am now going to reproduce the original essays and add to them.  However I am rearaging the content slightly and doing it from a different point of view

Over the years I have noticed a lot of web sites that accuse JWs of being under "MIND CONTROL"  

So these essays are going to look at that idea and hopefully I will be able to show why it is thought we are unduly influenced by   "Mind Control" techniques, and show why we are NOT under the influence of dangerous  "Mind Control"

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